Life with expectancy


The closing question for my small group’s discussion last night was, “How would your life be different (practically and specifically) if you lived each day with a continual expectancy of Christ’s return?”  It is a convicting question, to be sure.  We could get into the Biblical truths around the topic, like the fact that the Gospel has not yet gone to every tribe, and we have not yet seen the tribulation and Anti Christ – therefore we know that Christ’s return will not be today…but the temptation is to let that be an excuse to live without urgency.  What if our attitude, instead of complacency, was that nothing in this world satisfies – netflix, movies, music, money – and we are all headed into eternity at an alarming rate, and Jesus gives us abundant life both here and eternally?  What if we considered ourselves part of the task force that was completing the Great Commission to see the Gospel taken to even tribe, tongue and nation – so that the end can come?  What if we loved God and took Him seriously?

We all know in our hearts and spirits that the pleasures and treasures of this world do not satisfy, yet we continually turn back to them.  What if we set out to fight those temptations and natural desires?  What if we feed our Spirits a steady diet of intimate time with God, receiving true pleasure and peace, and allowing Him to guide us throughout our days?  Isaac Watts is one of my favorite hymnist, and he penned these beautiful words:

“Early my God, without delay, I haste to seek your face.
My thirsty spirit fades away without your cheering grace.
My spirit toils with this life’s gloom and fights to stay the course.
Remind me of that Heavenly hour when you first called me yours.

Early my God, without delay, before tomorrow’s dawn,
Let trumpets sound the vict’ry tune because you have returned.
Not life itself with all her joys will tempt my spirit move,
My maker and my helping hand, all I need is you.”

 – Isaac Watts

Do you wake up thirsty for God, and turn to Him immediately when you wake up?  Do you find pleasure in being reminded of your conversion experience?  Does He sustain you through life’s gloom and trials?  Is He all you need?

Let’s live for something bigger and greater than momentary pleasure.  Let’s live for Christ’s return.  Let’s know Him, let’s love Him, let’s proclaim the gospel so that others can come to know and love Him too – while there is still time.  And let us long for the day that He returns.  Not only to receive the benefit of entering into eternity, but to finally be in the presence of Jesus, our Savior.