The Bible and The Newspaper

Is God relevant?  We are in a new and unique situation where much of Western Europe and the developed world is not in what historians are calling a “Post-Chrisitan Culture”.  Many of our core values and morals are based on Biblical principles, but we are no longer accurately identified as Christian as more and more people claim agnosticism or atheism.  There is, no longer, absolute truth and we are all capable of determining our own destiny.

While this era in history may be come to be identified thus, it is not a unique circumstance.  When societies are young, they are looking for a greater good and external power to affirm and assist in their establishment.  But once they achieve sovereignty and greatness, they attribute deity to themselves (Eastern countries, like Japan and China) or they waste away in vain philosophy (Rome and Greece) or they simply become introspective and self glorifying (Babylon, the United States).  

But God is always relevant.  Whatever issue we are facing, whatever moral dilemma, whatever ethical decision, the Scripture speaks to it, at least at the core level.  No, the internet is not mentioned in the canon of Scripture, but God’s will regarding morality, accountability and stewardship are clear and easily applied.  Karl Barth, the great theologian and philosopher said that we should always “read the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other”.  

Do you compartmentalize?  Is God around for your eternity?  Or is He integral for every part of your life?  Does He speak into your decision making?  Your politics?  Your lifestyle?  Or is He just your “get out of Hell free” card?  Whatever it is about which you find yourself passionate, grab your Bible and stand firmly on what God directs on the issue.  The world needs Godly politicians (like William Wilberforce).  The world needs Godly doctors.  The world needs Godly teachers.  The world needs Godly evangelists and church planters.  Use your passion.  Get out your newspaper.  And take purposeful stands on the foundation of the Scripture.  Let’s change our thinking.  Let’s change our world.  

karl barth