Let’s get real about sin.


We’re all sinners.  No one is perfect.  So who am I to judge your sin, and who are you to judge mine!


Why does our society have this mindset right now?  I am convinced it is because we do not believe that we all truly are sinners.  This is our cop out to not have to take responsibility before anyone for anything.  It sounds humble because we would say that we are not perfect, but if one were to be pressed in exactly how he is not perfect, he would have no answer.  He would probably give you the interview answer, “I’m a perfectionist” which he calls a weakness but makes it out to be a strength for the hiring company.  We are extremely good at manipulation and self deception.

Is morality a viable aspect of our society?  Without getting too philosophical early this morning, if God exists and His Word is true then yes, His moral and His holy law outline how we should live.  The belief in a Godless universe means that there is no purpose in life, we are just highly evolved balls of slime who have developed thinking and reasoning skills, but there is no moral absolute by which we can hold ourselves accountable.

Even if one proclaims to believe that there is no God and evolution and meaninglessness in life are true, he still lives and functions with an innate sense of morality.  If someone breaks into his house and steals his stuff or rapes his wife, he will demand justice.  He will not say, “Well there is no moral absolute, so who am I to judge the thief/rapist”.


We must understand where morality is defined.  We must understand what the author considers sin.  And we must get real with ourselves and examine the depth of our own, personal, ugly sin.

Salvation is through faith, by grace, unto repentance.  When we are born again we have a new life.  The old has passed away.  Sort of.  We will still struggle with temptations, trials and sinful desires.  This is what theologians like to call “The Already, Not Yet”.  We have been saved, but we are not yet free of our sinful flesh.

And in order to repent we have to name our sin.  Confess it.  Hate it.  Fight it.  What are those things that entice you most?  Pornography?  Over eating?  Laziness?  Stealing?  Lying?  The Scripture is extremely clear about what is sin and what is not.  And most of us function with a normal conscience and have an understanding of right and wrong.  When we are unsure, where do we go for the answer?  The Word of God.

This week there has been a scandal over World Vision and their positional change about allowing homosexuality as an unrepentant sin for employees.  The long held tradition that adhered to Scripture calling it sin was reversed for a brief 48 hour time frame, and led to a media storm that has polarized Christians.

Some would seek to deny the Scripture and say that homosexuality is not a sin.  Some would say, “We are all sinners, so who am I to judge?”  And some would say, “That person cannot be saved if he has those desires”.  All of these answers are dangerous and hurtful to Christianity.  Why?  Because homosexuality is indeed a sin and those who struggle with the passions and desires need to fight it.  But it does not disqualify him from salvation.  Just like murder, stealing, lying and adultery do not disqualify another.  But excusing it and not helping the weak to fight it leaves the sinner in his sin and without hope.

False humility will be our demise.  Until we realize our guilt and get on our faces in grief and brokenness over our sin, we will not repent.  We cannot be saved.

Here is an easy way to test yourself.  When someone calls you out on a sin, what is your response?  Do you get defensive and fight for your sin as acceptable or excusable?  Or do you get angry and say the accuser has no right to call you out because he is just as bad – but in his own way?  Do you fall into depression because someone would think that you are not perfect?  Do you admit your sin and mope in your guilt?

Or do you admit, “Yes I did that, and it was wrong.  Will you forgive me and help me to honor God by not doing that any more?”

Do you get on your face before God and say, “God I did _____ today.  I dishonored you by _____.  But I love you and want to honor you with my life, help me obey you and represent you well before my friends, coworkers and neighbors.”

You’re not perfect.  I’m not perfect.  Let’s take some time today to evaluate those specific ways in which we are tempted and/or regularly sin.  And let’s allow God to be the judge, let’s get on our faces before Him, and let’s turn to Him to redeem us.  He will forgive you if you confess your sin and repent.  Leave the sin behind.  Cling to God.

“If any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him, for you are worse than he thinks you to be.”

– Charles Spurgeon