Saint Patrick

saint patrick

It is Saint Patrick’s Day!  Saint Patrick was a British man born in the 5th century who, though he was the son of a deacon and grandson of a priest, was not a believer in Christ.  When he was 16 years old he was taken captive by Irish pirates and forced to serve as a slave, working as a shepherd.  While in captivity he turned to the Lord in prayer and ultimately came to faith.  After six years of slavery, he fled from his master to a port which was 200 miles away.  He convinced the captain to take him on, and led the entire crew to faith.  After returning home, he studied Christianity and then returned to Ireland as a missionary, where he converted and baptized thousands of people including wealthy and aristocrats.  Refusing gifts and kinship to kings he was without any legal protection and did suffer persecution and suffering, but he kept himself separated unto God for the purpose of preaching the Gospel.

March 17th is commemorated in his memory, the day that he died.  What better way to celebrate than to follow his lead and preach the Gospel throughout the day!


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