The Danger of Compartmenalization

Have you ever gone on a mission trip, or a retreat or Church camp?  We find that we often experience God much in these settings.  Why does that happen?  Why does God reveal Himself and interact with us when we put ourselves in these situations?

The answer is simple.  We go in expecting to interact with Him.  When we go on a mission trip, we have our quiet time regularly.  We often have a daily devotion with the whole group.  We also pray about the things we are going to do, and we are intentional about our endeavors to talk about Jesus and the Gospel and to serve the lost.  Camp is the same!  We go in expecting something different and we set aside time for Jesus.

I am in a time of transition in my own life.  I am getting married in a few months and all of the big life decisions that come with that are staring us in the face.  One thing that has been particularly heavy is the discussion of where to live.  We would like to be overseas, but will spend at least the first year of marriage in the states.  Do we buy a house and have it available for missionaries to stay when we leave?  Do we build equity and rent it out when we go?  Do we just rent and try to save money?  The housing market in Denver is insane and discouraging, to say the least.  And I found myself quite discouraged last week.


Because I was trying to make the decision based on what I want.  In college, I intentionally lived in the international dorm to be amongst foreigners.  Overseas I walked and prayed over communities and asked God to provide the exact place He would have for me to live.  But for some reason in Denver, I have started down this path in my own “wisdom” (with my fiance, of course).

Thankfully He got my attention.  And the freedom that has come since Sunday in releasing my “wants” and asking for His direction and trusting that He has a place for us has given me deeper communion with Him and has released the stress of trying to figure it all out.

Is your faith compartmentalized?  What decisions are you trying to make on your own?  What habits are established in your life simply out of normalcy?  How often do you consider your daily decisions in prayer?

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

– Col 3.17



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