Eat You Alive

He said to me, child, I’m afraid for your soul.
These things that you’re after, they can’t be controlled.
This beast that you’re after will eat you alive
and spit out your bones.

She’ll string you along and she’ll sell you a lie
but there’s nothing but pain on the edge of a knife.
There is no courage in flirting with fear
to prove you’re alive.

I’ve seen the true face of the things you call Life,
the song of the siren that holds your desires.
But Death, she is cunning, and clever as hell
and she’ll eat you alive.

 – The Oh Hellos

Do you have any friends who would look into your life and say, “I’m afraid for your soul”?  Who know what your heart is, your motivation, your activities and be able to see when and where sin is taking root?  Do you know the danger of letting sin take root?

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