Just Shut Up Already

The Lord will fight for you, you need only to keep silent.

– Ex 14.14

There are some people in the world (like me) who are doers.  I like to set goals, have a purpose, work hard and be successful.  There are also people who are lazy, like to take it easy and just float through life.  If you are of the the latter persuasion, this post is not for you.

God is sovereign.  He is the creator and sustainer of the universe.  He has a perfect plan and purpose for everything.  And He has created us to be active, to work for Him, to be a part of the coming of His Kingdom here on Earth.

There are times when He miraculously releases us from suffering.  And there are times when He gives us the endurance to persevere through it.  Heb 11.29-33 gives examples of God parting the Red Sea, raising people from the dead and saving others from death.  Heb 11.35-38 gives examples of God allowing believers to be beheaded, killed and persecuted.  All of these people had faith.  The difference was the will of God alone.  God allowed James to be beheaded and He miraculously freed Peter from the prison (Acts 12.1-2).

Faith is believing that there is something better out there than life and death.  Namely, God.

That does not excuse us from working, and Scripture is very clear that he who does not work should not eat and to not provide for one’s own family is a grave sin (1 Tim 5.8, 2 Thess 3.10).


God is in control.  If you are suffering, there are times that you need to back off and let Him handle the situation.  If you are a doer, a fixer, a busy body, perhaps you need to hear this admonition:  “Be still and know that I am God (Ps 46.10)”.

That does not necessarily mean to stop working or trying to right wrongs.  But it is an attitude of the spirit.  Faith trusts that God has a perfect plan.  Sometimes we just get in the way if we try to do God’s work for Him.

So know that He will fight for you.  Even if that means you are beheaded.  Just “keep silent” in your heart.  Shut up already.


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